The Successful Transition from Paper Logs to E-Logs: What You Need to Know

The mandate for installing and using electronic logging devices (ELDs) in commercial vehicles became a reality on December 16, 2015. Unless your company is currently using automated on-board recording devices (AOBRD), it is important to begin or finalize the process soon. Great West, with the help of J.J. Keller, PeopleNet, and Omnitracs, has developed a Fleet and Nonfleet Informational Guide to assist you in the transition from paper logs to e-logs. Click the images below to download the guide:

 Title Page- Fleet_banner-01.png Title Page- Nonfleet_banner-01.png


The FMCSA & E-Logs: Know the Rules and Consequences

FMCSA released the new CVSA inspection bulletin pertaining to ELDs and AOBRDs. Click the image below to download the rules: 

ELD and AOBRD Infographic- FINAL-01.png