safety roadmap


As a small fleet owner, you may find yourself wearing many hats and struggling to find time to get everything done. Safety may feel like a burden, but in reality it can actually help you save money and achieve your company goals.

The Leadership section focuses on your role as the company’s safety champion. The tasks and resources below can aid your leadership development and help you better anticipate the risks that can threaten your company’s success.

1. Manage your safety measurement system results

The FMCSA's Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program was designed to capture information about motor carriers and drivers to feed the on-line Safety Measurement Systems (SMS). SMS is used to track roadside inspections, crashes, moving violations, and more.  SMS is a valuable tool to identify negative trends that could lead to costly business interruptions. Log in to SMS to get started, then complete the following steps:

  • Verify your company information is accurate. SMS is updated monthly. Ensure your company information, inspections, and violations have been recorded correctly. Use the DataQs to fix inaccurate data.
  • Analyze your SMS results and take corrective action. If you identify negative trends in violations, crashes, or moving violations, address the root cause of the problem.
2. Request access to Great West's Client Portal

Great West's Client Portal allows you to access your insurance policy information, claims, drivers list, and additional safety services. To request access to the client portal follow the instructions below.

1. Click the "Request Sign On" link.
2. Fill in the required fields.
3. Click the “Submit Request” button. You will receive an email with
your login credentials.

Once you obtain your Client Portal login credentials, do the following:

Review your policy information: Make sure your policy details are accurate. If you find discrepancies, contact your Great West agent for assistance.

Review Great West's Safety products and services: Browse the additional
safety products and services available to you, such as safety awards, training
materials, etc.

Note: Due to the sensitive policy information available on the Client Portal, do not share your username and password with unauthorized users.

3. Create your company's learning library login credentials

The Learning Library is a free resource to help with your safety training efforts, such as new employee orientation, safety meetings, etc. The library contains more than 350 FREE safety videos, which are available online and can be accessed by your employees 24/7 from any internet-ready device. 

1. Click the Learning Library link. 
2. At the Learning Library home page, enter your User Name and Password to log in.

  • User Name: Enter your primary Great West policy number (Ex. GWP12345A).
  • Password: First-time users enter the temporary password: greatwest

    If you have problems logging in, please contact Vertical Alliance Group at 877.792.3866 x300, Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM CST.

    Note: The Learning Library is a video service that does not track usage. Your employees will be restricted to only watching videos; they will not have access to sensitive policy information or the ability to make system changes. Unlike the secure portal, the Learning Library login credentials you create are meant to be shared with your employees.
4. Develop your risk management skills

The following resources focus on operating a small business; they introduce basic risk management concepts to help you prevent losses.

  • Log into the Learning Library and watch this risk management video:
    • The Financial Impact of Losses: This 9-minute video explains the hidden costs associated with every loss. Find it under “Value-Driven Leadership.”
5. Follow Great West online

Great West uses its blog and social media to make it easier for our insureds to communicate transportation-related news, regulatory updates, and leadership articles.

  • Click the Great West Blog link to receive email notifications of new posts.
  • Click on the logos below to follow Great West’s social media channels:

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