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Loss Prevention

Vehicle crashes pose the greatest risk to your company. From a simple fender-bender backing into a dock to a critical crash involving serious injuries or fatalities, every vehicle-related incident puts your company in jeopardy. 

The Loss Prevention section focuses on preventing vehicle crashes before they occur. Emphasis is on proactive driver training. However, if a crash does happen, the tasks and resources below can also help minimize the loss.

1. Train drivers on crash prevention

Great West developed Value-Driven® Driving (VDD) as a comprehensive driver training program that can be used in new employee orientation, safety meetings, or post-crash retraining. Accompanying each video are training aids (driver notes and review questions) to reinforce the driver’s understanding of the material.

  • Download the Value-Driven Driving training aids. In the Client Portal, navigate to Safety > Value-Driven Driving to download free training aids (driver notes, review questions, and sign-in sheet) for each module below.
  • Conduct Value-Driven Driving training. Schedule times to show the videos in a group setting or assign drivers to watch the videos individually. The Value-Driven Driving videos are available in the Learning Library and include:
    • Introduction to Value-Driven Driving: This 11-minute video shows drivers how to make value-driven decisions behind the wheel.
    • Module 1: Preventing Rear-End Crashes: This 21-minute video focuses on the factors that contribute to rear-end crashes and on how drivers can prevent this type of critical crash.
    • Module 2: Preventing Loss of Control Crashes: Four segments focus on the factors that contribute to loss of control crashes and how drivers can prevent this type of critical crash.
      • Segment 1 – Rollovers: This 9-minute video focuses on how to prevent rollovers in curves, turns, and ramps.
      • Segment 2 – Jackknifes: This 7-minute video focuses on how jackknifes occur and on how to recover.
      • Segment 3 – Lane Departures: This 9-minute video focuses on how to react to obstacles in the road or if a wheel drops off the road.
      • Segment 4 – Steer Tire Blowouts: This 5-minute video focuses on how to safely stop a truck when a steer tire deflates.
    • Module 3: Preventing Lane Change Crashes: This 16-minute video focuses on the factors that contribute to lane change crashes and on how drivers can prevent this type of “critical crash.”
    • Module 4: Preventing Run Under Crashes: This 21-minute video focuses on the factors that contribute to run under crashes and on how drivers can prevent this type of “critical crash.
2. Use Safety Talk to communicate safety to all employees

Safety Talk is a Great West publication that is mailed to insureds each quarter. Inside Safety Talk are training materials on leadership, operations, driving, and life (i.e., injury prevention, health and wellness, etc.).

  • Distribute one Value-Driven Driving article from Safety Talk each month to drivers. Assign drivers to answer the five review questions that accompany each article and turn them in to you. Store these records to demonstrate your training efforts.
  • Hang Safety Talk posters. Each Safety Talk mailing includes two posters. Hang these in common areas to raise awareness and promote your safety efforts.
3. Report all accidents immediately to Great West

Reporting a crash as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours of the incident helps Great West resolve your claim more quickly, which means getting your truck back on the road faster and reducing the severity of a loss. To aid your accident reporting efforts, Great West provides insureds with free accident kits. Inside each kit are detailed instructions a driver can follow to report a crash to Great West.

  • Order accident kits. In the Client Portal, navigate to Safety > Order Safety Products > Accident Kit to order your free accident kit. Place one kit in each truck. 
  • Train drivers on accident scene procedures. At a minimum, use the accident kit as a guide to train drivers on accident scene procedures. If you have a company procedure, use that.
  • Download Great West’s Prompt Claim Reporting brochure from the Client Portal and discuss the importance of timely claim reporting with your personnel. The brochure is located on the Safety > Downloads webpage.

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This material is intended to be a broad overview of the subject matter and is provided for informational purposes only. Great West Casualty Company does not provide legal advice to its insureds, nor does it advise insureds on employment-related issues. Therefore, the subject matter is not intended to serve as legal or employment advice for any issue(s) that may arise in the operations of its insureds. Legal advice should always be sought from the insured’s legal counsel. Great West Casualty Company shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, action, or inaction alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the information contained herein.